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SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt - SI Joint Brace for Lower Back Support, Sciatica Band, Bursitis Hip Pain Relief

SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt - SI Joint Brace for Lower Back Support, Sciatica Band, Bursitis Hip Pain Relief

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  • Belt Length: 115cm
  • Belt Width: 12cm


  • Neoprene
  • Nylon
  • Polyester



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What does the SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt do?

The SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt is designed to provide advanced support for stabilizing the sacroiliac joint, reducing pelvic, lower back, or leg nerve pain caused by SI joint dysfunction. It aids in both preventing and healing back pain. Specifically crafted to compress and support the sacroiliac joints, it enhances core strength, promotes mobility, alleviates lower back, hip, and leg discomfort, and helps restore proper sacroiliac joint function.

How the SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt Helps?

When you wrap the SUPEAK Sacroiliac belt around your hips, it provides stability to the base of your spine and acts like an external ligament, helping to restore normal motion to the Sacroiliac Joint. This can relieve pain from muscle pulls, ligament strains, spasms, and pinched nerves in the hips and pelvis. Wearing the SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt throughout your day greatly reduces the risk of injury during work or play.

Designed to Treat and Protect

  • Sacroiliac dysfunction
  • SI joint injury
  • Sciatica
  • Pelvic Torsion
  • Bruised, sore or inflamed tailbone
  • Pinched nerves
  • Hip bursitis
  • Arthritis of the hip or lumbar spine
  • Pulled hip flexor

Managing Sacroiliac Joint Pain During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, many women commonly encounter discomfort in the sacroiliac (SI) joint, pubic symphysis, or both. Alongside exercises and stretches that enhance pelvic stability, utilizing a pelvic stability belt, such as this one, can offer straightforward yet highly effective support.
NOTE: The SUPEAK SI Belt is suitable for maternity wear, but it's important to consult your medical provider before using it.

Key Features of the SUPEAK Sacroiliac Belt
Customisable Compression: Includes secondary straps for adjusting the compression level over specific sore or inflamed areas. Easily modify the pressure brace up or down to tailor the fit to your sacrum size, providing targeted support for your lower back.

Premium Materials: Crafted from lightweight and breathable materials, ideal for prolonged wear during sports activities, standing, or sitting. Designed with anti-slip material to prevent slipping during use.

Versatile Wear: The belt is sleek and non-bulky, allowing for comfortable wear during various activities such as work, relaxation, walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, gym sessions, and driving. Enjoy support and relief anytime, anywhere.

Care instructions: Hand wash the belt in warm water with mild detergent while keeping the fasteners attached. Ensure the belt is fully air-dried before reattaching. Avoid using high temperatures during washing or drying processes.

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